Gathenhielmska huset


Gathenhielmska Huset


Visual identity

UX design

Web design






William Forslund – Designer

Emelie Pettersson – Developer

Mark Dela Cruz – Developer

the brief

In spring 2020 a new culture house in Gothenburg is taking place, Gathenhielmska huset. It’s a culture house from music to open culture area. The brief was to create a new visual identity and build a website. It was very important for the client to keep the old story about the house alive and express it in a new and modern way.

the result

The result of the website is a communicative website where the new meets the old. We based our design decision on research that led to great value for the customer. Now they easily reach out to both customers and actors who want to be a part of the Gathenhielmska huset.